Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Over the course of the semester, we have been working on multiple different projects using multiple different mediums all on the same topic. As the semester ends, one last project stands to be the culmination of all the hard work we put in over the semester. This final research paper has to be creative and make an argument as well as challenging myself to learn more about the topic.
            As I think about designing this I realize that this is a research paper that actually gives us freedom to do things other than just writing walls of text. However, for the medium that I want to use, I want to write a text document but insert it with some multimedia to make it easier to read. After doing some preliminary research, it is very clear that a popular way to get information across is through info graphics that could serve well in a research paper. I plan to begin the argument with a brief description of the history of esports, move on to talk about where esports is today and then move in to arguing that esports can be as big as other popular sports in the future. I plan to produce this with many statistics because stats are really hard to refute and make any argument stronger.
The argument I want to make is that esports can grow to be as popular as other sports such as baseball or basketball in the near future. Now others who play and enjoy videogames will most likely agree with this argument because they are a biased, but people whom don’t play videogames often will most likely disagree with my argument. I hope that they would, however, be open to the argument that I’m trying to make and not just blow it off as something stupid that will never be on the same level as Major League Baseball.
            As of right now, I know only a little about esports other than the fact that it is growing fast. The real question is if esports is just a flash in the pan or if it is the real deal and will be around for a while. So almost all of my research will be done online as I don’t think there is a lot of printed work about my topic. Conveniently for me, one of the best places to get articles about esports are the dota2 and League of Legends subreddit, which I have been looking at for the past few months. I have saved a lot of articles about esports and will sort through them to try to find the most relevant and informational articles. I will also make sure to check these subreddits daily to check for any updates. I hope that all of this research will give me the knowledge of what is needed for esports to be as successful as MLB because I really want it to and if I can learn what needs to be done, I can show others and help in anyway possible.

In conclusion, I want to write about esports and its future. We have put in so much work over the semester and I’m really excited to see all of it come together for this final project. As of right now, I know about esports in the present and have no idea where it will go in the future. I want my audience to actually consider my argument and not just blow it off as some stupid fad and I plan to do that by presenting a lot of stats and pictures to convince them. It will be a lot of work, but I can’t wait. 

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