Tuesday, January 28, 2014

With a Great Blog, Comes Great Responsibility

When making a blog, there are certain standards that the poster should be held accountable for. I think the first and most important responsibility is being grammatically correct (I hope this blog doesn't break that rule). I hate reading posts where something is spelled wrong because it takes away from the post and I automatically think less of the writer. I also think that if you're serious about blogging, that you should post blogs on a semi-regular basis so followers have something to read.
          In regards to communication in general, their a lot of rules to follow that don't even have to be said because everybody already knows the basics of communication when it comes to informal communication. Formal communication though, has more rules and people take classes to better their formal communication. So far in this class, it is very apparent that when communicating, you have to consider your audience in regards to what you want to say. I think that good speakers do this subconsciously but the great speakers make a conscience effort to really appeal to their audience.

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